She and I hold this invisible rope,
where she is in the other end,
we both try to win this tug of war,
she pulls hard enough to sway me,
I hold my grit of the unshaken guy,
she has a point to prove to me
and i have a point to make to her,
nobody wants to cross that line,
the line that divides the two ego.
somewhere in the midst of all, i feel
I might win the tug of war if I play hard,
but surely would loose her instantly,
I might give it up all for her happiness,
but then she wouldn’t love the weaker me?
I feel like letting the rope go so briskly
that i could in best interest erase the line
but i doubt she shall again draw the line,
perplexed, confused and so so lost I am,
I feel we should have never drawn that line,
that line that divides the two egos here,


The wounded bird like me,
flapping its wings while falling,
hit by a bullet somewhere inside
and the muscles loosing control,
what a free fall in midst of pain to reach
nowhere but the land i belonged once,
i know its gonna sound a big thud,
and a lot of people contemplating my fall,
and the newspaper making me headlines
how and when and where i shat upon,
i destroyed others nest to build mine,
i cut others feather so that i can fly alone,
then I got shot down by them who let me loose,
I hope people mourn my death for years
and its a big thud and i am unconscious.


I feel like dying today at an instant,
I am dressed royal and a bonvivant,
I eat, dine, drink and travel cheerily,
I hold a pride in my hand and a chalice,
I have been drinking life with it since,
but my chalice looks colored today
my wine mixed with tears and sweat
and blood of all the murdered dreams,
stabbed a hundred times brutally alone,
my heart stopped bleeding long time back
as all the blood drained out continuously
and the little left I put it inside my chalice,
for now i can no longer bear my shIt life,
everyday i live, my tears fall to the chalice,
filling the cup more and more until it is full
I hold it high and in condolence for myself
i take a sip and pray my soul rests in peace.


When am i gone,
please do not for-seek,
and i know you wouldn’t
for you don’t care at all,
and i wont look back too,
i am a ruthless loner,
heavily drunk solitude,
closed heart my fortitude,
and inside i smoke drugs,
that makes me quit ideas,
and revert back to the me,
and everything is a lie here,
as they are spoken words,
nothing to loose but words,
inside i am gutted deeply,
for i have fallen so so low,
and would take time to rise,
and i shall dust my clothes,
and then walk far from you.
never to be back whatsoever,
and when i am gone
please do not for-seek
and i know you wouldn’t
for you don’t care at all
and i won’t look back too


The tender skin of yours,
made of such delicate muscles,
a large window to the soul,
upon the fluffiness of thoughts,
not hardened by the demon,
and not a single cut made in it,
the magnitude of ecstasy it reflects
then the weather changes in it
there is some unseen drizzling
through the influence of words
the words holding naked daggers
released from the mouth of mine
and that cant be brought back
and it has to strike somewhere
unfortunately now its your heart.
i see those colored fluid flowing
and mine flows too but uncolored
and i wish i could be your medicine
i wish i could be one more attempt
to fix those cuts with the skin of mine
i wish time was reversible on my will,
you might forget or forgive or not
but i owe a big apology on my part.
and would love to cement those cuts
and heal those cracks if you allow me

Fade Away

I am gonna fade tonight,
far away from your sight,
like the mist disappearing,
from the face of morning,
i am sad but still i smile,
i walk away and in a mile,
i rest and observe the clouds,
and wander if it shall be back
to the valley that it showered,
that brought smiles to the farmers,
that made the earth sob openly,
i wander if it shall disperse in the horizon,
and never be back to the place it melted

The Lone Captain

For a deeper call,
I set my rigging’s tight,
to sail the ship of my life,
through the doldrums rife,
the sail has been hastened,
largely awaiting the tempest,
and i hold the captain’s wheel
I shout out “we gonna make it”,
a chain of silences echos behind
as the crew i have are none, but me
one man army challenging the sea,
the odds say making it is not even,
the even says odd is what they think,
but somewhere In me holds it tight
surely wouldn’t wanna give up at all,
the grit holds me tight in this voyage,
and i hold my grit to the last droplet,
nowhere far in the morning i reach
the horizon that i see still is all liquid
and far from the shore i have come
I ain’t turning my ship back for now
would either see the land or shall sail
till the captain rests in his own grave.

and for a deeper call,
i again set my riggings more tight,
and with a zeal sail the ship of my life.


These days the universe for me 
Is the shape of the bottle,
and i pour the worldliness
into my cup with a great zeal,
and I find no drops pouring.
shaking the bottle hard alow,
i find emptiness is all that is left.
emptied by the whimes of time,
sucked out by the amorous sun,
dranked all by the broken man,
and nothing to drink tomorrow,
to console the unhealed wound,
to forget about the core reason,
the reason that made him drink.
who cares about the world here,
the world makes you drink first,
and then says, “alcoholic bastard” 
Her love too left me a long ago,
she too stole the sips of wine,
that i had saved for my misery,.
everything is gone with the drink,
and all that is left is an empty bottle.
we are all heroes of our own life,
but life made me an empty bottle.

Day to Dusk

When you spoke it was day,
your words made it all dusk.
the night came along howling,
the tempest tempted tenacious.
the old men holding the cigar,
puffing the smokes of time hither,
planning the conspiracy of such,
to bleed the heart away herein.
to break the flesh made of rocks,
and the river of mercury adrift,
solidifying the nitrogen in me.
yet i am made of all those pieces,
that becomes itself when broken
i have seen all these days die
when i was living so called life.
to depart i have to be sober as in
the formality in me dissolves humanity